unbuddgeted innocence gaurav sharma children book


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Childhood is like a fairy tale. No worries, no tension, and no anger. Life is easy and simple- incredible
energy, queer enthusiasm, fleeting joys, and earnest curiosity. Our smiles are important, at least to our
parents. The unfilled brain is eager to gather everything it comes across.
Childhood is innocence personified. Even the vices like greed, jealousy, and naughtiness are innocent
during that period.
UNBUDGETED INNOCENCE is a collection of ten stories withholding all the elements of the raw
humanism in a child- they err easily, they think everything is easy and achievable, their inability to
pretend love or hatred, their unpredictable and restless focus, their zeal for adventure, love for animals,
purity of friendship, and their unadulterated guilt after committing a mistake.
These stories embellish the fact that innocence can’t be ‘budgeted’. It invariably goes beyond the
estimates despite constraints. That’s how a child learns life.
All of us have lived these stories or will live them.