was it worth it by Suhas Gopal

Was It Worth It?

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A real life based on a simple soulful story of a teenager with DREAMS. This is not just another love story. As he enters the virtual world with inconsistent feelings, unrealistic emotions, undetermined hopes, he finds that everything is overruled by the MISTAKES he makes. Mistakes made by him by herth ones we all make. The REASON?Teenage? Lack of maturity?Or unawareness of the pain and facts? You never know! But how long does it takes to realise the disappeared dream? There’s an answer to what you are seeking…A simple tragedy. A simple LOVE STORY with the love for an unfulfilled dream! Love for a career that remained a dream. Love for an unreal friendship and love for the dream girl. An invisible love which rules his destiny. But when the past meets the future .. hazard follows! She leaves just like his dream career, but they had to leave. They didn’t have any choice. It’s fine but was he? What happens when he thinks he is worth more than what he thought about himself. Does all the shit he has dealt with make sense? “Every Question has an Answer. And every answer has a Story. ” This isn’t my story. It’s the story of everyone who has lost their dreams and see themselves held in and dealing the life without any sense of the existence of the little heart inside. How would your life change when you question yourself “was it really worth it?” Find the answer for yourself along the MAGICAL JOURNEY into your Own past.

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